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Easy Carving Designs. They come into view on cruise ships and at decorative catered events. The art of watermelon sculpting is a tradition that has been adopted by the Eastern world. In other countries like Thailand, food carving is an expected part of the presentation of a meal. While most people focus on decorating other areas of the home when hosting a meal, a beautiful watermelon sculpture can craft a great centerpiece that will definitely be the center of attention for your guests!

There are many cool designs and intricate patterns that can be engraved into a watermelon. You can use different designs and colors to make it an attractive centerpiece for practically any occasion! There are many unique ways to carve a watermelon for a fashionable evening, brunch or even a party. Some cool watermelon sculpture designs include Cascading Watermelons, Southwest Salsa Bowls and Smiling Watermelons. Watermelon sculptures can be a great fun for the kids too. In fact, watermelons are an excellent source of vitamins, and a celebrated tasting fruit, kids can have a grand time learning this art and absorbing the benefits of this fruit as well.

Decoration of the table or making a full centerpiece is usually done with flowers, wreaths, other small fruits and candles. Watermelon sculptures can turn out to be the cynosure for any event or an international occasion. Watermelon sculpting artwork can be showcased at any cultural platform to showcase all the great talent. The variations of carvings done on the watermelons are endless, ranging from teapots to whales, roses, wedding bells, Kissing Swans on a Heart, flower vases, to animals or even trophies!

An impressive way to take advantage of what you will be serving your guests is by making fruit decorations for your event along with watermelons. There are various designs that can be used for pretty much any event you can think of! You can have a watermelon sculpture of a bride and groom for a pre-wedding celebration, or even the reception! You can have a carving of “Christmas Bulb, Candy Cane w/Bulb & Star, Snowflake, or Christmas Tree,” for a Christmas celebration, a Thanksgiving Ship for Thanksgiving, an American flag, Eagle, or 4th of July for the Fourth of July, or even a St. Patrick’s Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day! The possibilities are endless!

Fruit carving decorations can also be attached to the watermelon sculpture, to further decorate the centerpiece. This can include such fruits as oranges, lemons limes, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, papaya, and other small fruits that can add a splash of color, and make the carving more elaborate. Watermelon carvings appear to be highly attractive on account of its diverse colors and size. The contrasting colors of the green skin, white and red flesh add a striking effect to the finished carving, making it more appealing to look at.

Try These Stencils, They Work Magic! Luscious, messy, and sweet, watermelon is the class of fruit that begs to be cut into fun-to-hold shapes such as wedges, stars, balls, and chunks. It’s also perfect for carving DESIGNS on watermelons and melons.

Remember…. A watermelon VASE makes the perfect centerpiece for an informal luncheon, a romantic picnic or as a buffet table piece for a wedding or cocktail reception.Watermelon carving has become extremely popular as the colors of the fruit lend themselves to some amazing creations.

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There are two central reasons for artistic watermelon art, and those are creations for a special event, or for those artists who attempt to create a work of art from the watermelon for the sake of the art alone.

Wedding’s • Holiday’s • Christmas  •  Anniversary’s • Birthday’s  •  Great for Catering!

Powerful…. What’s particularly compelling is how you can involve yourself in the simplest of uses and designs, all the way up to what some may call masterpieces. All of this from that luscious summer delight we call a watermelon.

Now you can draw your stencil on the top half of the melon. Use a carving knife to cut the stencil completely out of the watermelon. So try carving a watermelon for an EXQUISITE dramatic effect. Great for weddings, it has a classical look.


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