Watermelon Carving

Discover the Amazing Secret to Easy Watermelon and Melon Carvings! REMEMBER….These are the secrets you need if you want to change your mind set to stand up and take action to change your culinary carving skills.. It’s okay to have fun with your food – if the food is watermelons and melons. Learn an astonishing new technique and the chance to achieve greater success..

Fact… Watermelon carving is becoming an increasingly more popular craft during summer months.

Weddings • Holidays • Christmas • Birthdays Anniversary’s • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs • Parties

Great for Catering!

NOW…. For sophistication and excitement, make use of the practice of serving brilliant and elegant carvings. A well designed, watermelon sculpture will contribute greatly to an air of elegance and style, as well as being a great way to personalize your parties. Loaded with more than 40 creative Culinary Designs for watermelon carvings that are time tested. Add a little excitement & craziness to your party! With Lonnie’s easy-to-follow instructions and templates, anyone can prepare watermelon carvings.

  • Closely Guarded Secret of Turning Ordinary Melons Into Elegant Carvings -
  • Amazing “Easy” Melon and Watermelon Creations!
  1. “Easy” Watermelon Carvings (eBook PDF) $5.95 Instant Download Click Here To Order
  2. “Easy” Melon Carvings (eBook PDF) $5.95 Instant Download Click Here To Order

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 “Thess book’s are a long-awaited edition to the carving world! Not only does Chef Lonnie present you with the “how-to’s” of carving, but also the ‘tricks’ to make it trouble-free and entertaining. It is like getting a manuscript on magic with all the secrets !

What If You Could Effortlessly…. You will be amaze how fast and how easily you can create amazing watermelon carving centerpiece. The art of fruit carving is nothing but the sensitive art of making a sculpture out of these edible items.

It is a MUST for anyone’s library that plays with their melons!” Culinary Artist Reno

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